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Scalable and flexible architecture

At the center of our Enterprise Traceability Platform is Kezzler Core, serving as the repository for all serialization and traceability data. Built on a scalable and flexible architecture adaptable to meet our customers changing requirements and future needs.

Key proprietary and patented technology components give virtually unlimited scalability in handling the massive amounts of data in unit-level traceability for our customers.

Graph of the kezzler ecosystem, connected to the Brand Owner, the Consumer, Logistics and Production.

The areas of functionality





Track &

Selected Modules

Unit-level Track & Trace

Graph of the aggregation that can be done by kezzler, associating data from individual products to boxes, pallets and containers.

Manage any type of hierarchy, independent of size and aggregation levels, including SSCC codes for easy integration. Our Track & Trace module supports all the EPCIS business vocabulary for tracking events.

Key functionalities:

  • Hierachy building
  • Aggregation
  • Support for GS1 EPCIS events

Flexible Data Management

Detailed information about a jar of olives.

Gain the flexibility needed to allow for changing data structures. All data objects in our architecture support the use of customizable metadata schemas, including products, batches, tracking events and UID validations.

Key functionalities:

  • Metadata Schema
  • Products & batches
  • Business locations & package types

IT Security

As our customer you retain all ownership of the data you supply to our track & trace system. Kezzler is the data processor for GDPR compliance. All our customers’ data is stored in ISO 27001 certified data centers and protected by a multilayer security architecture.

User Management & SSO

We combine Role-Based Access Control for functional access with Access Control List (by organizations, groups or individual users) for applying the functional access to concrete resources. Kezzler supports Single Sign-On with your existing identity provider (IdP).

Patented core technologies

Unique Digital Identites

Digital Mass Encryption® (DME) enables Core to generate and validate cryptographically and secure UIDs at extreme volumes. DME is designed to maintain the performance when dealing with an ever-growing amount of connected products.

Supply chain event handling

Long term storage and fast retrieval of high-volume track and trace events. The repository system is constructed for high volume, hieararchical track and trave applications.

Packaging hierarchy management

Purpose-built compression technology for management of packaging hierarchies of virtually unlimited size, including the relationship between UIDs in the hierarchy.

Frequently asked questions

How can I improve supply chain visibility?

The Kezzler cloud-based traceability platform supports the entire product lifecycle from raw material sourcing to end consumer, greatly enhancing supply chain visibility and insight. By giving every product a unique, secure and traceable digital identity, brands can track and trace products from creation to consumption, garnering deeper insights into the product journey and the entire product life cycle. Supply chain visibility is not just a necessity for the business but is increasingly demanded and requested by consumers.

How are Kezzler codes (UIDs) supplied?

Kezzler can provide its customers with UIDs either as CSVs or other structured files or directly via API integrations.

How do Kezzler codes (UIDs) work in conjunction with the technology platform?

A fundamental part of the Kezzler platform is the serialization engine that creates the unique IDs or Kezzler codes. Kezzler Codes are cryptographically secure, unique and unpredictable codes without any decipherable pattern. They are also carrier agnostic, applicable through QR Codes, RFID chips, NFC tags or any other carrier.
These UIDs help collect information about the product they are attached to as it moved through its life-cycle from production to consumption, and sometimes beyond, creating a digital data-set. This allows producers to provide consumers with a depth of information otherwise impossible to achieve. It also enables the producer or brand to correlate information that would normally reside in different siloed systems, thus leading to insights that help drive better decisions.

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