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Protect brands, increase sales and engage consumers

Know exactly what is happening to your consumer goods. Brand owners can protect against counterfeit products, create direct relationships with consumers and track products through the distribution chains.

With a rising variety of products to choose from, consumers are demanding more information than is shown on the label.

Protect brands with unique Kezzler identities

Build trust, increase loyalty

Through our secure MSaaS solutions, unique Kezzler product identities prevent fraud, allowing you and others to see exactly where your product is in the supply chain and enabling brand owners to talk directly and in real-time with their end consumers through augmented products.

  • Increase sales and build brand loyalty through consumer engagement
  • Enhanced customer insight
  • Context-aware and dynamic user experiences
  • Waste reduction
  • Prevent Counterfeits, Grey Import and Product Diversions

Winning online shoppers with digitized packaging

Ecommerce has come under the spotlight for its soaring sales performance under the extraordinary time consumers have been living through around the world lately. MaXQ by Kezzler and Amcor is a transformational end-to-end digital packaging solution that makes every single product unique, secure, traceable and interactive.

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Frequently asked questions

Why is a QR code so often used?

Contrary to barcodes or other types of codes (Human readable, NFC etc…) QR codes are extremely useful for two main reasons.
1. As they are two dimensional, they can hold a much greater amount of information than a one-dimensional code .
2. They are very easy to use; smartphones being able to scan them without the use of an app.

What is Kezzler’s preferred type of code-carrier?

Kezzler’s platform is ‘carrier agnostic’ meaning that no specific type of code is preferred in order to communicate data with us. However, depending on what exactly you want to do with your codes, different types will be preferred: a QR code is for the public to use, a barcode takes a little amount of space and can be scanned in shops and factories, a human readable code can be entered online manually (for anti-counterfeit measures for example) etc…


Traceability platform, delivered as MSaaS

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Find out how giving each of your products their own digital identity can protect your reputation, revenue, and consumers.

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