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From Grass to Glass

The industry’s first and only smart packaging solution by one of the world’s largest dairy companies, FrieslandCampina, providing global traceability services for their top infant formula brand, FRISO. Read more

Pfizer fights back against fake drugs

WHO has identified fake drugs as one of the urgent health challenges for the next decade. Kezzler provides a brand protection solution to help combat the problem of counterfeit Viagra in Asia. Read more

Protecting the Weixian Radish

Kezzler was selected to provide a traceability and authentication solution for The National Modern Agricultural Industrial Park in Hanting District, Weifang, Shandong Province, China. Read more

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Risk Management

Efficiently stop counterfeit products and unauthorized distribution by making every product unique, while simplifying the verification of authenticity.

Augmented Products

Enable consumer engagement directly through the product. Build trust, increase loyalty, and instantly reward consumers.

Supply Chain Visibility

Track and trace products from creation to consumption, garnering deeper insights into the product journey and the entire product life cycle.


Combining massively scalable serialization with the benefits of distributed ledger technology.

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Piet De Vriendt - Sr. Business Development Manager, Kezzler
Piet de Vriendt

Sr. Business Development Manager