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Digitalizing supply chains: Reduce complexities and meet regulatory requirements

Kezzler solutions enable Life Science companies to ensure visibility and control throughout the supply chain.

By managing and tracking product data from manufacturer to consumer, companies ensure quality and regulatory standards are met.

Bag of whey protein, certified organic by kezzler's technology.

Ensure visibility and control

Implementing Kezzler supply chain visibility solutions allow brands to manage risk and engage directly with end consumers to build trust and loyalty. Improve visibility on contract manufacturing operations and establish tools to incentivize sales in-store. Manage quality by tying claims and returns to production data.

  • Instant authenticity verification for consumers
  • Direct marketing channel to build brand loyalty
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Effective recall handling
  • Protect against illicit trade
  • Prevent Counterfeits

Technology changing the game for smallholder farmers

By assigning individual products with unique, secure and traceable identities, small-scale farmers can authenticate the provenance of their seeds before planting. Kezzler’s cloud-based app opens up a direct channel of communication between farmers and consultants.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I add additional security to a code (UID)?

By default, Kezzler’s encrypted codes (UIDs) already have a high level of security. However, if that is not enough, we can also leverage our ecosystem of partners to enhance the safety of a printed UID.


Traceability platform, delivered as MSaaS

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