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Digitizing food & beverage products for a safer future

Food & Beverage companies face increasing legislation requirements from authorities and increasing transparency and sustainability expectations from consumers.

Kezzler addresses these core challenges with the same single platform. Delivering a proven scalable, agile, and cost-effective solution

Box of uniquely identified tomatoes

Prevent fraud and parallel imports

Unique Kezzler product identities prevent fraud and parallel imports, allowing you to see exactly where your product is in the supply chain and enabling brand owners to talk directly with their end consumers. Authentication helps protect public health by ensuring consumers are purchasing genuine products.

  • Full traceability from source to consumer
  • Real-time inventory check down to batch level
  • Highly efficient recall capability
  • Fulfill legislative traceability requirements
  • Data-driven consumer insights


Industry First Smart Packaging Solution

Kezzler was selected by one of the world’s largest dairy companies, FrieslandCampina, to provide global traceability services for their top infant formula brand, FRISO. The industry’s first and only smart packaging solution FRISO TrackEasy, was launched in Hong Kong during August 2019 and is currently being rolled out globally.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of track and trace and serialization for the food industry?

Unit-level serialisation and traceability has two key areas of benefits for the food industry:
– It allows a consumer to know and understand better what they are consuming and where it has come from. This can assure them of the quality of genuine products while conversely alerting them to fakes or sub-par products. At the same time it better equips consumers to make more informed decisions from a variety of perspectives such as health, sustainability and ethical practices.
– It also provides producers vastly improved visibility into their product value chains. This can lead to improved consumer satisfaction and engagement, better products that gain from direct consumer feedback as well as more efficient and resilient supply chains with reduced waste.


Traceability platform, delivered as MSaaS

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