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Digitalizing supply chains: Visibility from the factory floor to end customer

Unit level serialization is the first step to digitalizing supply chains. Follow your products from raw materials to end customers. Get deep insights into the flow through the entire product life-cycle. 

Enhance customer trust and engage end-users directly with your product. Let them check authenticity and provenance while being rewarded for their loyalty.

Palet of Industrial goods, on which there is a barcode, allowing to confirm its authenticity and authorised distribution.

Prevent fraud and parallel imports

Efficiently stop counterfeit products and illicit trade by securing your supply chain. Customer engagement initiatives can be targeted towards different markets, providing tailored information on aspects such as warranty, safety instructions and maintenance.

  • Real-time manufacturing overview
  • Maintain control of authenticity throughout the supply chain
  • Efficiently manage product recalls and warranties
  • Channel diversion management
  • Effective channel sales incentives

Honeywell’s smart move on counterfeits

Counterfeit refrigerants pose an incredible safety risk to anybody handling them: not only do they damage a company’s bottom line, but also endanger the lives of anybody in their proximity. Honeywell chose to retain Kezzler to uniquely serialize Freon products manufactured in Baton Rouge Louisiana.

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